Elections 2022

Election Coverage and Results from Hancock, Knox and Waldo Counties, Maine

Katrina J. Smith

State House District 62

Age: 49

Residence: Palermo

Party: Republican

Present employment: Realtor and run a renovation business with my husband

Highest level of education completed: B.A. in sociology, Gordon College

Previous elected public office(s) held: None

Statement: I am running for State Representative to be a voice for the people of Maine who feel their future (and the future of their children) is limited in this state because of government overreach, a struggling economy and a lack of voices representing the values they hold dear. The last three years have left our state in shambles, both economically and mentally (especially our children), and we must reverse course quickly. The current Maine government has ignored the needs of the people while pandering to special interests and pet projects and overlooked the liberty endowed upon us in the Constitution. I believe our government should immediately reduce taxes, encourage business growth, ensure our elderly, disabled and veterans are cared for and reduce burdensome legislation that keeps Maine in the bottom ratings for economic advantages and business. We must also protect all children (and teachers) by ensuring our school system is set up to teach basic skills and not set up to indoctrinate kids with political or social agendas. Maine is an amazing state full of wonderful people who all should be allowed to flourish, and I intend to represent my constituents with honesty, integrity and passion.

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