Elections 2022

Election Coverage and Results from Hancock, Knox and Waldo Counties, Maine

Age: Old enough to vote (67)

Residency: Brooksville resident

Party: Republican

Employment: Currently serving my 8th year as Sheriff

Education: 2 years of college, Graduate 71st Municipal, County Basic Police School Maine Criminal Justice Academy

Only public office I have held

I am running to finish projects that we have started here at the Sheriff’s Office. We are currently working to be accredited as a law enforcement agency. This is a long process and we are well on the way toward achieving that goal. We have many new deputies and it is our responsibility to properly train and mentor them so they can become the leaders of the office in the future. We are working toward placing a School Resource officer in a local elementary school which requires making sure that this is done correctly as it would be our first deputy of this type.  At the end of next term, I will have served 35 years in law enforcement in many capacities. I think it is only fair that I finish the projects we have started and hopefully leave the office in a good situation to move forward.